There is a new site called BoyGusher from the guys who also do BrokeStraightBoys and just like BSB it has some great interracial content. BoyGusher is about young straight guys getting jacked off or sucked off by friends, buddies or older guys, like in this set: Brendan has been fighting a lot with his live-in girlfriend, so I offered to let him stay at my house one night so that he could have some alone time and calm down. OK, I will admit it, I had ulterior motives. I went in to check on him and to see if he needed anything but he was already passed out under the sheet and looking beautiful. He has some great abs and I always like checking him out when he doesn’t have his shirt on. I was hoping that he was sleeping in the nude and went over to find out. I slowly pulled down the sheet and although Brendan wasn’t naked, he was semi-hard in his white briefs…
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