New Best Friend – Rico Pruitt’s Gay Porn Debut

New Best Friend

With this update, BlackBoyAddictionz brings us the gay porn debut of super hot actor Rico Pruitt in a very hot bareback scene with fan-favorite Blake Bishop.

You probably know Rico from the Signal23 web series About Him and About Justin. I’ve watched About Him and damn, I totally fell in love with Rico.

About Him is about Damien, an 18 year old closeted gay boy discovering himself and his sexuality in his last summer at home before going to college. Life is hard, Damien’s mom has recently died and his dad is working hard to make it possible for his two sons to go to college.

Damien has a huge crush on him, his older brother’s best friend Vincent, a super hot, straight, tall and very masculine guy. Who turns out to have a hidden agenda as well. Vincent desires Damien, but he’s torn by his own standards and those taught to him by his abusive mother.

It quickly becomes clear that Vincent can’t lead the kind of relationship the confused teen desires. So Damien has to find satisfaction elsewhere. For example with his horny cousin, who can’t be a replacement for Vincent, but is still more fun then jacking off.

Damien has to get a summer job and starts working at a bookshop of a good friend of his deceased mother. And there he meets an old friend from high school. Justin, played by Rico Pruitt. Bringing out the trash he finds Justin rubbing his fat bulge behind the dumpster, watching at some gay porn magazines.


Behind that same dumpster, we now get to see Rico with Blake Bishop. And to be honest, Blake’s dick is much more impressive then Damien’s. How do I know? Well, the good thing about web series is, that you can do things you can’t on television. They showed an uncensored version of About Him on VimeoOnDemand. No need to look for it, it’s gone.

So while that uncensored version was not porn, it was definitely at times pornographic. And Rico is not really new to getting his hard dick out in front of a camera. Still, this update from BlackBoyAddictionz is a totally different story. You get to see it all. No playing around, no teasing.

Blake has been a fan of About Him and been fantasizing about Justin. And here we get to see what he’s been fantasizing about. Meeting Rico behind the dumpster, taking him home, and fucking his sexy ass bareback with that thick cock.

Justin never had a chance. In the end, for Damien it was all about him, about Vincent. They didn’t become best friends, instead, Justin got his heart broken. But he also got his very own web series, About Justin. And Rico? I hope this was just the start of his career in gay porn. With BlackBoyAddictionz.

New Best Friend from BlackBoyAddictionz:

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