Isaiah’s Job Orientation

I think I am in love with Isaiah from BlackBoyAddictionz! And I am really happy that he’s back for more! His first experience with modeling for a gay porn site must have been quite confusing for him.

Isaiah is straight as they come. He’s not the type of straight guy who’s been curious in trying out gay stuff one day. Still, he somehow ended up modeling for a gay porn site.

And now he’s back for more. Can you believe it? Well, he can always say he’s just doing it for the money. Michael, who runs this site, came up with the idea of making a video titled Isaiah’s Job Orientation.

I think Isaiah already has some kind of idea what this job is about. Michael teamed him up with another straight guy, more experienced and somehow more comfortable, Saint.

The idea was that another straight guy could possibly ease up Isaiah. And Saint’s performance here is remarkable. Especially considering he sees himself as straight. He really tests Isaiah’s limits. And seems to enjoy this.

Isaiah on the other hand is tense like a brick. It’s all so weird. Letting a guy touch your ass. Having a guy caress you, kiss you. Saint is cool with it, and doesn’t have a problem at all.


Anyways, Isaiah is simply beautiful. And his clumsiness is so sexy. At least he’s willing to give Saint a short back rub while standing behind him. Saint takes it a step further. They are lying on the bed, totally naked on each other and Saint kisses Isaiah on his mouth.

Then he moves down and sucks Isaiah’s big dick. Isaiah is rock hard. I don’t know how that happened, but in his last video he was also able to fuck bottom boy Cory.

Next step, Isaiah has to return the favor and suck Saint’s big dick. Well, don’t expect that he’s going to like doing that. But he does it. Good boy!

If you don’t mind pussy and want to see Isaiah get really excited, there is a new video with him and fellow straight boy AB taking turns fucking a black girl!

Isaiah’s Job Orientation from BlackBoyAddictionz:

Isaiah's Job Orientation Isaiah's Job Orientation Isaiah's Job Orientation Isaiah's Job Orientation Isaiah's Job Orientation Isaiah's Job Orientation Isaiah's Job Orientation Isaiah's Job Orientation Isaiah's Job Orientation


  • This guy must have gotten the job, because he’s really putting in the time already!