Trey Donovan Fucks Rahim Stokes

Trey Donovan Fucks Rahim Stokes

Super sexy update from RawRods featuring hot young guys Trey Donovan and Rahim Stokes in a great bareback fuck video!

It’s always funny how tough young guys suddenly turn all christmassy when the holidays are coming up and start decorating trees and putting up candles around their house.

Rahim seems to agree with me in this point and starts making fun of his boy Trey. Trey suddenly gets all serious and has to restore his masculinity.

Trey says to Rahim if he doesn’t like him getting into decorating, he can always get into fucking Rahim’s tight little ass with that big fat thug-dick.

Well, that’s more how Rahim likes his boy, so he pulls down his undies and shows off his sweet little bubble butt. Trey gets the massage and pulls out his semi-hard cock.


Rahim is so happy, he jumps on top of his boy, shoves his bubble butt in Trey’s face and goes down on his fat cock. Damn, Trey loves that boy’s ass. He could eat it all day long.

But his throbbing cock also wants to get a taste of it, so he turns his boy around and shoves his big dick balls deep inside Rahim and starts pounding him.

Trey really goes for it. He still thinks, he has something to prove here. And Rahim totally loves when his boy gets all bossy. They change positions several times and fuck all over the bed until Trey dumps a huge load on his boy’s hot and juicy hole.

Trey Donovan Fucks Rahim Stokes from RawRods:

Trey Donovan Fucks Rahim Stokes


  • Lucky duck to say the least no fuck bud circle for me nor anyone asking to get it on.

    There was one young Latin dude that was Horny one night that did come over for a fuck a month ago he was a good lover enjoyed being with him but a one time thing and he was gone once we both nutted and never heard from him again.

  • Iain Gardener

    I know what you mean, I have to admit a have a circle of friends with benefits and rarely look for hookups on the scene or online

  • Unfortunately for guys like me who are no longer into the clicky bar scene online profiles is the only way to go not the phone apps mind you those are just nuts. I mean sites like ManHunt and Adam4Adam.

    But yes I basically laugh when guys contact me just looking to fuck and nothing else not worth my time what so ever.

  • Iain Gardener

    One reason I haven’t used online apps for ages is the amount of douchebags inhabiting them. And frankly anyone who won’t kiss suck or rim isn’t worth our time

  • Yeah there seems to be a lot of tops out there now a days that have a lot of restrictions like kissing and returning or giving any oral. It’s funny what I see in profiles on the hook up sites.

  • Iain Gardener

    Totally agree, I LOVE devouring a clean arse and I’m immediately suspecious of any top who doesn’t. Oh and the bottom here is yummy!

  • Have to love a man who eats a clean ass with gusto before getting deep inside of it!

  • Show him on mercy Trey!!! Fuck the bitch out of Rahim!