Newcomer Bandit

Newcomer Bandit

With today’s update, BlackBoyAddictionz introduces newcomer Bandit, a super sexy straight boy directly from “the hood of one of the Midwest’s roughest cities”.

Boys like to brag. And so does Bandit. I quite like that. He tells us that his porn name Bandit is short for Big Dick Bandit. That name was given to him by one of his ex-girlfriends.

Bandit lost his virginity to a girl when he was 13 years old. And he has had sex with at least 50 women so far. I guess for a straight boy of his age that’s quite  lot.

He steals everybody’s girlfriend, Bandit says with a seductive smile. And to be honest, he’s fucking hot! Cute face, smooth and lean body, and a baseball bat swinging between his legs.

Bandit is pretty chilled, loves to smoke weed, go to the clubs and fuck thick girls as often as he gets the chance. Now what does a boy like Bandit do on a gay porn site?


He’s short of cash. Out of a job with a little daughter to take of. He got referred to them by a fan who said they are looking for new models. Well, they always are. There is always an open position for a hot and hung boy like Bandit!

It’s no surprise Bandit is somewhat tense and nervous about getting naked in front for a gay audience. But beneath the nervous laughter and occasional looks of “deer in the headlights” disbelief, a quiet but sexy personality still manages to shine through.

Let’s see if Bandit measures up. Just like you, I haven’t seen him naked and hard yet. But what he’s hiding in those shorts looks very promising and they say he has one of the biggest dicks since Migo and Tay!

Let’s see how far Bandit will go in front of the cameras of a gay porn studio. Will he let another guy touch him, suck his huge dick? Will Bandit fuck another guy up the ass?

Newcomer Bandit from BlackBoyAddictionz:

Newcomer Bandit Newcomer Bandit Newcomer Bandit Newcomer Bandit


  • You’ll unless an animal my friend!

  • NakedTruthWV

    I want to eat your booty and jerk you off from behind!

    (like I’m doing here….)

  • He’d notice me! lol

  • LOL but maybe a clean pussy? Just blind fold him he might not notice.

  • Well I got one but I’m not a girl.

  • The write u says he likes thick booty do you think he would be into you?

  • Well Big Dick Bandit, bet you couldn’t steal my hard on! Dare ya!