Devon Lebron Retruns

Devon Lebron Retruns

Remember that super hot and exceptionally hung black stud Devon LeBron from Staxus? Well, he’s back and the latest exclusive model from TimTales!

What a massive surprise! More then a year ago I did a post listing all 21 scenes Devon Lebron has ever made for Staxus, banging their silm twink with this massive raw cock (see here).

And although a Staxus offical mentioned in the comment section of that post, that there is more to come from Staxus featuring Devon, we are still waiting for this to happen.

Who knows if Staxus still has some unreleased scenes with him in stock, now he works for TimTales as an exclusive model. An incredibly smart move from the Spanish/German studio.

In the past, especially when the were still based in Berlin, Germany, they used to be a great place for interracial amateur porn with many hot and hung black models (see here).


CutlerX, Troy Moreno, Chase Coxx and many more, known and unkown, top and bottom, black models were regular guests in Tim Kruger’s and his bf’s apartment (which was also their studio) in Berlin.

That has changed since they moved to Barcelona. Nowadays, they brings us exceptionally hung Brazilian tops like Eduardo Picasso and Caio Veyron (see here).

Both Eduardo and Caio are their feature models and just like studio owner and regular model Tim Kruger, they only do condom porn so far, which gets harder and harder to sell.

Devon Lebron however, just like Eduardo Picasso equipped with more then 10 inches, did fuck bareback while working for Staxus and still does so, as you can see in this debut scene with another new exclusive, Dano Guerre.

What a promising debut for both of them. And super excited to now get to watch Devon on a ragular basis, force his giant black cock up all those hungry bottoms. One reason more to become a member!

Devon Lebron Retruns from TimTales:

Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns Devon Lebron Retruns


  • Kevin

    btw I *think* Staxus released 3 Interracial videos last year *IIRC* (I think there was one with Hector at the beginning of the year). Personally I think Tony X’s last video was unfairly criticised and whilst Staxus have done a lot better in the past with their interraical offerings, I think it was still a good video, but of course the difference between a bad video and a good video can just be a matter of personal taste. I do hope that we see more of Tony X at their site though.

  • Kevin

    I agree that 21 videos is quite a lot, but what I don’t agree with is that quite a lot is an appropriate amount of videos to release when you have talent like Devon on your books. He is absolutely on the top rung of porn stars in my opinion and when you have a model like him, it’s in everyone’s interests to make the most of his time as an exclusive at your studio. (Guys who don’t find him attractive might disagree with that last statement, but a clever site will invest some of the extra profits that will come when you make the most of a model like Devon, to produce more content suited to their tastes as well). Hopefully TimTales will do much better.

  • To be fair, Staxus did release 21 scenes with Devon, which is quite a lot. Sadly, this year they brought us only 2 interracial scene, of which one was really bad…

  • Kevin

    Very happy to see the return of Devon Lebron (just a bit disappointed that he has become an exclusive model for a studio that has such manly bottoms, although hopefully we’ll get to see him fuck Cory Prince, Ian Torres and Ken Summers among other cute batty boiz).

    I hope this studio realise what they have in Devon – 1 of the 5 greatest tops in gay porn ever! I could wax on for many hours about everything that is so divine about this god of a man, from his handsome face to his completely perfect body, from his sexy smile to his varied and terrific fucking skills…

    As such I hope that whilst he is an exclusive with TimTales they make the most of him and release loads of videos accompanied by high quality photo galleries, each with plenty of pics.

    Hopefully some other studios will start releasing videos with many of the other awesome black men whom Staxus discovered, but were too stupid to make the most of…

  • Devon Lebron’s opening tight holes and staking claims!